Skunk Magazine owner John Vergados & Mykayla a cannabis patient and cancer survivor. speaking out to the power of cannabis in treating these types of aggressive diseases.

One of the most controversial topics in cannabis, the right to use marijuana as a treatment for your children has been hotly debated since medical marijuana was first introduced in 1996. Recent advancements in breeding for and isolating cannabidiol or CBD, a non psychotropic compound that occurs naturally in some strains of cannabis has given progressive parents a new tool in their medicine cabinets.

Free from the traditional “stone” effect CBD was pushed to the edge of extinction by breeders who had little use for weed that didn’t get you high. Fortunately research into the use of CBD to combat seizures was widely publicized after numerous independent studies showed patients undergoing treatment with cannabidiol experienced a significant reduction in the frequency of their seizures. This surge in medical support in tandem with a public perception win stemming from its no buzz straight medicine appeal has brought about a massive resurgence of high CBD strains from Charlotte’s Web to Sour Tsunami, while giving states like Utah a way to test the medical waters with CBD only legislation  granting patients including children, the right to access this long restricted form of medication.

Mykayla featured above seated on the shoulders of Skunk Magazine owner John Vergados became one of the many faces of the children’s rights movement when her story was picked up by the VICE news network who chronicled her families ultimately successful decision to treat her cancer diagnosis with cannabis. Mykayla is now in full remission and speaking out as one of the youngest cannabis advocats on the circuit and a living testament to the healing power of cannabis.

Editorial by: Jonah Tacoma