Photo by Sly Vegas

Characterized as a front for lazy stoners by the opposition, medical marijuana has faced an uphill battle in the court of public opinion. Cannabidiol a little known cannabinoid may just be turning the tables on this much debated topic. With endorsements from the likes of Dr Sanjay Gupta prominent neural surgeon and Emory University professor, who publicly testified to the amazing medicinal potential in this all natural non psychotropic compound, medical marijuana may finally be on the long road to mainstream credibility.

While a surge in public interest has seen a revival in high cbd strains like Harlequin or Sour Tsunami, cannabidiol or cbd was almost bread into extinction by cultivators seeking to maximize the thc potency of their crops.With proven effectiveness in combatting several types of seizures cbd continues to gain ground especially with parents seeking to avail their children of the medical benefits of the plant without the normal high associated with smoking marijuana.