Seattle Hempfest Day 1: Rained Out But Not a Wash

Today was a interesting day to be a cannabis activist in Seattle, WA. Many people showed up from far and wide to participate in some protesting, experience the festivities, and consume copious amounts of cannabis. What we got, however, was a torrential rain that shut down all of the stages and sent most of the attendees fleeing in droves.

Via the Hempfest Facebook Page:

To all parties, in 24 years of Seattle HEMPFEST we have never experienced a degree of epic rainfall as we have received today. It truly never rains harder or longer here, even for Seattle. Under these conditions it is not prudent or safe for us to operate our stages, but other than that HEMPFEST remains open to the public. We’ve been hammered about as hard as it gets, but we are still here protesting America’s failed prohibition laws.

But all was not lost! Thankfully for the gracious volunteers at the Hempfest Media tent, we were able to keep our field equipment relatively dry, and even got to capture a few interviews while we attempted to wait-out the storm.

Notably, of the few interviews we were fortunate enough to grab, was this speech from Danica Noble (Washington Coordinator for the NORML Women of Washington), which she would have given on the main stage today – had it not been shut down due to rain:

Despite Tropical Storm Soggy Joints, we were very lucky to grab that audio, and we captured a few more gems too.

We’ll have more audio and pictures soon, hopefully from a much drier weekend! Back stage should be a lot more fun when the speakers aren’t worried about lightning strikes.