Photo by Sly Vegas

Somehow this cup kept slipping off our radar but rumors of the more then six hundred flower entries in this outdoor growing competition were enough to lure the crew down for a few days of fun in the north California sun. One look around the crowded venue let us know that we were the only ones sleeping on this giant, as droves of Nor Cal kids continued to flood the gates, causing admission to be shut down half way through the first day. None the less the dab fam was in full effect and there was no shortage of love as we took over stages and raged in traditional style between an impressive array of musical acts from Slightly Stoopid to Tribal Seeds which played long into both nights.

The legend of the emerald triangle is known from here to Amsterdam and all usual suspects were on scene including Holland’s Franco & Arjan of Strain Hunters, who outlined what they see as a very promising future for cannabis in America. Tune in to next week’s episode of the Dabstar Lounge as we sit down with Franco and get up close and personal with a sub critical co2 extraction machine from recreational licensed Washington state producers Green Lion Farms.

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